I have always been fascinated how we communicate with one another. Our words, gestures and methods. I believe communication is key to earning trust. Trust is imperative to building positive relationships. And positive relationships are essential in our society. 


A relationship is “the way in which two or more people or organizations regard and behave toward one another.” 

We participate in various relationships every day.  Business to customer; doctor to patient; employer to employee; pilot to passenger; legislator to voter - the list is endless. Every day we feel how communication and trust is imperative to maintaining that positive relationship.

I’ve spent seventeen years creating communication strategies. I’ve worked with stakeholders with a range of emotions - jubilant voters, panicked reporters and infuriated (rightly so) families living with a nearby oil spill. They've all shaped my perspective.


I started Ascend Communications Group to help individuals, businesses and organizations build positive relationships with their various stakeholders. 


If you are still reading and intrigued about how we might work together, please read more about my background. I’d love the opportunity to chat with you.



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Denver, CO