Have you identified and engaged with stakeholders that could challenge or help your organization succeed? We can create a strategic Stakeholder (public, media, government)  Engagement Plan that helps your organization identify and overcome challenges in the community in order to meet your annual goals.

Here's a secret. When you align your company's core values with your community investments you are being authentic. And authenticity is what builds trust and relationships with all your stakeholders. It sounds daunting but we can help figure this out for you. 

Today anyone with a phone can be a reporter.  Engaging strategically with the media can help get the message out about your organization.  As a leader in your organization, you need to be prepared for unexpected media interviews by phone or on camera.

With traditional media and social media constantly competing and feeding off one another,  you can't always predict when a communications crisis will happen.  However, you can ALWAYS be prepared to react thoughtfully and quickly with a communications plan in place. 


Every organization can benefit from building relationships with elected officials and legislators. Ascend can help you identify and engage with allies at the local, state and federal level.

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